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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

This apply to all your lessons or courses without exceptions.
Failure to do so will not commit WB Driving School to accept and/or keep your bookings.

All Trainees must be in possession of a signed provisional driving licence on commencement of training, and must satisfy the eyesight requirement.

LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER - Addendum to the Terms & Conditions
Only applicable to Pupils taking their driving lessons in ASHFORD TOWN only - these pupils, if they so choose, can apply to take 1 hour driving lessons at the Price shown on our Prices page. All our other Terms and Conditions fully apply.

All lessons are of 2 hours duration. All pupils agree to have a minimum of 2 hours tuition every week. Fortnightly lessons are not available. 1 hour lessons are not available.

INSURANCE: Fees include trainee’s cover for insurance liability claims whilst driving the School’s vehicles, providing that the trainee is duly licensed to drive and is accompanied on test by a DVSA examiner or under direction of the instructor.

PAYMENTS: All online payments including payments made for: Option 1 - Standard Driving Courses - via our website using Pay Pal must be made at least 48 hours before any lesson(s) are taken otherwise the lesson(s) can not go ahead without exceptions. The school reserves the right to charge for any training not cancelled at least 48 hours before the date booked. Payment for training must be made in advance. Prepayments are refundable at the discretion of the management, on production of an official receipt. Pupils hereby accept that WB Driving School or any Driving Instructor trading under the school’s name will not be able to start any driving lesson(s) unless a full payment for each lesson(s) has been made beforehand by the Pupils. Special Offers or Special Deals available from time to time (eg. 4 hours left for a Mock Test / Driving Test) can not be used to pay in lieu of Normal Driving Lesson(s).

CANCELLATION OF BOOKED LESSONS: At least 48 hours notice must be given by you or by your instructor, if there is a need to cancel or rearrange a lesson booking. Failure to give this notice will result in a valid claim for an equivalent value in compensation.

OFFICIAL DRIVING TESTS: The school reserves the right to withhold the training vehicles for the driving test if, in the instructor’s opinion, the trainee does not reach the required standard. The test fee will be forfeited if three clear days notice is not given. This does not include Sundays, bank holidays, the day of cancellation or the day of the test. Option 1 and 2: driving test use of car £50.

APPOINTMENTS: Whilst every care will be taken to ensure that clients receive the training at the requested time and with the instructor as booked, all bookings are made on the undertaking that the school is not responsible for the postponement of training due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown of equipment, absence of staff or any other cause. Neither can the school be responsible for driving test appointments postponed by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Naturally every endeavour is made to safeguard the personal property of any trainee, but we point out that the school accepts no liability whatsoever for jewellery, cash, clothing or other property that may be left in the training vehicles or in their premises.

All Pupils and their Interested Thirds Parties are hereby advised that WB Driving School's instructor(s) reserve the right to stop their pupil's tuition if in their professional opinion either their Pupils or any Interested Third Parties are not following the advice and / or instructions given by their instructors either by way of  a) not listening to their instructor, b) by disagreeing with their instructor or c) by practicing with their parents / friends, etc. in a manner that clashes and hinders their instructor's tuition.

WB Driving School and his instructor(s) reserve the legal right not to take pupils to their driving tests if: a) pupils choose to book their driving tests without prior consultation and agreement with their driving instructor(s) and b) if solely in the opinion of their driving instructor(s) they have not reached the high level of standards demanded and expected by the DVSA. Should this be the case in both a) and b) above all pupils and Interested Third Parties will be clearly informed and clearly explained the driving instructor(s) reasoning behind this decision as it clearly upholds and confirms our started Terms & Conditions that all pupils and Interested Third Parties must agree to before they purchase our professional services

Intensive Courses

Due to the nature of the Intensive Course(s) bookings the following Terms and Conditions will apply. By confirming your acceptance of such Terms and Conditions and by paying for the chosen Course(s) you are deemed to have fully accepted such Terms and Conditions.

1) Full payment of the Course(s) is required by PayPal, before the actual Course(s) can be booked and confirmed by W B Driving School. Failing to pay for the full Course(s) in advance will not commit W B Driving School to accept your bookings. W B Driving School will only be committed to accepting your Course(s) bookings once full payment has been received and cleared in W B Driving School’s bank account.

2) Cancellation of your Course(s) Bookings:
The following scale of Charges will apply:
a) if the Course(s) is cancelled 14 days prior to commencement W B Driving School will retain 30% of the money you will have paid for your bookings, and you will receive 70% of your money back, less £30 Admin Charge.
b) if the Course(s) is cancelled 7 days prior to commencement W B Driving School will retain 50% of the money you will have paid for your bookings, and you will receive 50% of your money back, less £30 Admin Charge.
c) If the Course(s) is cancelled any time less than 7 days prior to commencement W B Driving School will retain 70% of the money you will have paid for your bookings, and you will receive 30% of your money back, less £30 Admin Charges.


Where an offer is taken, it is entirely at the instructor's discretion when the lessons can be redeemed.

All current and future offers, made available from time to time, apply only if a driving test has not been booked prior to or during the offer period, otherwise the normal lesson rates apply.

There cannot be a break between taking offer lessons of more than 1 week; otherwise the remaining lessons will be forfeited. Holidays are exempt. These offers are purely to assist in continuity of learning, leading to you passing your test within the average UK time frame. Abuse of our offers will result in the remaining driving lessons being revoked without the possibility of a refund (this does not affect your statutory rights). All driving lesson offers are non-refundable unless otherwise indicated.

All our promotional offers are limited to one offer per pupil. Offers cannot be taken concurrently.

All Cancellations should be made directly with your instructor, at least 48 hours prior to the lesson appointment, otherwise the driving lesson is chargeable.

All driving lessons are to be taken in manual vehicles.

Our offers will be forfeited if a driving test is booked without prior consultation with your instructor, and a prior agreement is reached in this regard. On occasions where the advice of the instructor is ignored pupils will be referred to our intensive ‘fast pass’ courses.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel your order for any services purchased from WB Driving School or any Driving Instructor trading under the school name for a full refund, within 7 days of the date of confirmation, unless the services begin sooner. Please refer to our sliding scales of charges as these will apply. You must email us at walter@wb-driving-school.co.uk quoting your name, address & course start date.

Cancellations by phone will not be acceptable (under DSR Office of Fair Trading guidelines).

Your contract with us becomes binding when we confirm that we have accepted your order.

WB Driving School will not be held responsible if the Pupil chooses a course unsuitable for their level of experience and or chooses to terminate the course before all hours are completed.

All weekly and or block booking driving lesson’s pre-payments are not refundable by WB Driving School unless a minimum of a four week’s written notice by email or text message has been given directly to your own Driving Instructor(s).

It is hereby agreed by all concerned Parties and Interested Third Parties that by instructing WB Driving School all Pupils and Interested Third Parties are deemed to have read, understood and fully accepted our Terms and Conditions of business. In case of disputes it is hereby agreed and accepted by all Parties, including Interested Third Parties that WB Driving School is strictly trading under UK’s English Law jurisdiction, other Countries’ Law jurisdictions will not apply.

Intensive driving courses are not transferable to hourly Driving lessons or between Driving Instructors unless all parties agree and new Terms and Conditions are signed.

All offers and courses, without exemption, must be redeemed strictly within 12 months of commencement with continuous tuition from WB Driving School or any Driving Instructor trading under the school name.

Driving lessons are video / audio recorded for training purposes. Telephone calls are recorded for training purposes.

We would like to add you to our email newsletter list to send you details of offers and deals, and as a means of contact in case of important announcements. We will not sell your details to third parties.

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