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NOTE: For your convenience you can choose to pay either online, or in the car before your lessons if you prefer, except for the Intensive Courses and the Gift Certificates which can only be purchased online.

Please note: our Terms & Conditions will apply in all our dealings and services offered to all our pupils, please ensure you read them.

Please check for availability before buying any lessons or courses online.

Please note: all driving lessons are offered in manual cars and will be 2 hours long.

10 hours for £199

Please check for availability before buying this deal

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Special Offer for Ashford Town only

1 hour lessons at £25 per hour

OPTION 1 - Standard Driving Courses

Standard Driving Lesson Rate £25 per hour
10 hour block £230
20 hour block £480
30 hour block £730
40 Hour Block £980
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OPTION 2 - Intensive Driving Courses

For those of you who need to get your driving licence quickly or if you are in a hurry to experience the open road, why not try a fast pass course from WB Driving School? Our intensive courses can be tailored to meet your individual needs, whether you are starting your driving lessons from scratch, or need to brush up your skills before sitting your driving test, we can adapt our courses to suit you.

10 Hours £290
20 Hours £580
30 Hours £870
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Driving Test already booked? - contact us on 0784 6717035 for details
Refresher Lessons - contact us on 0784 6717035 for details
Motorway Driving - contact us on 0784 6717035 for details
Foreign Licence - contact us on 0784 6717035 for details
Pass Plus - call 0784 6717035 for details

What We Do

Extremely competitively priced

Professional, relaxed and friendly instructor

Flexible teaching methods to suit you

One to one tuition with no pick-ups en route

We are always on time and reliable

What We DON'T Do...

We don't shout at pupils for making mistakes

We are not sarcastic when pupils do something wrong

We don't talk on the phone whilst teaching

We don't spend ages just 'talking' about driving

We don't undermine pupil's confidence

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To find out more about WB Driving School, or to book lessons please call Walter.

We will only use your personal details to reply to you. We do not share or use for any other purpose.

Enquiries: 01233 427 477
Walter mobile: 07846 717035
Email: walter@wb-driving-school.co.uk

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